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Testimonial from IBS Sufferer

“I have suffered from IBS for most of my life on and off and have tried many different ways of finding out what causes it and how to relieve the symptoms. Many years ago, I did an elimination diet which showed me that food was certainly a factor but didn’t really identify the culprits. Over the years I have cut various things from my diet without any real evidence. I had read about the low FODMAP diet and talked to my GP about trying it. I searched on the internet for a dietician who could help me and I found Mairi who specialises in IBS and from her website seemed to be very knowledgeable about the diet. I had a 15-minute initial conversation on the phone and immediately felt comfortable. This was followed by a consultation where she looked at my diet and advised me on beginning the low FODMAP diet. I went back after six weeks and she advised me on the reintroductions. I have since had another consultation. I have found her very professional and helpful and I have emailed her a couple of times to ask questions. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to follow the diet through without her help. It has certainly benefitted me and I am so pleased I found Mairi. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to follow the low FODMAP diet to help their symptoms. If you can discover which foods you are reacting to and what are the safe quantities for you, it will give you a better quality of life, and with Mairi’s expertise and support you should be successful!”

Barbara Thomas (IBS) July 2020

Testimonial from weight loss client

“I visited Mairi at a time of frustration when even looking at a calorie seemed to rack on lbs. I’d tried various things that didn’t seem to work and just needed one session with Mairi to refocus me. I didn’t need to lose excessive weight – I just wanted to avoid the middle-age weight creep that was heading in the direction of obesity if I didn’t act quickly! Happily, she had a very easy plan that refocused a balanced eating regimen. Sensible, easy to follow and all about appreciating portion size. It was a plan I was already familiar with and the re-focus Mairi offered was enough to get me back on track. I’ve had great results, I don’t feel deprived of food, or indeed food groups, and can still have a few extras and the slimline G&T. I’ve just hit my 5% weight loss target in a really steady and sensible way that will be easy to maintain!!!! To anyone wishing to lose weight or prevent weight gain, I would definitely encourage a visit to Mairi – forget the fads and the supplements and opt for a sensible, nutritionally balanced plan that truly works if you commit to it.”

Anonymous Weight loss September 2018

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