“Mairi’s is a lovely discovery”

Mairi is a lovely discovery. She is very knowledgeable and has worked with me to address my habits and to provide workable solutions. Her approach is refreshing in that she has taken a 360 degree view of me and is sympathetic to my imperfections as a human being. Diet and weight management is about so much more than food itself and Mairi understands this. She never makes me feel like I have failed and her enthusiasm and motivation shine through and enable me to progress guilt free.

Anne-Marie Sharp


“With Mairi’s expertise and support you should be successful”

“I have suffered from IBS for most of my life on and off and have tried many different ways of finding out what causes it and how to relieve the symptoms. Many years ago, I did an elimination diet which showed me that food was certainly a factor but didn’t really identify the culprits. Over the years I have cut various things from my diet without any real evidence. I had read about the low FODMAP diet and talked to my GP about trying it. I searched on the internet for a dietician who could help me and I found Mairi who specialises in IBS and from her website seemed to be very knowledgeable about the diet. I had a 15-minute initial conversation on the phone and immediately felt comfortable. This was followed by a consultation where she looked at my diet and advised me on beginning the low FODMAP diet. I went back after six weeks and she advised me on the reintroductions. I have since had another consultation. I have found her very professional and helpful and I have emailed her a couple of times to ask questions. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to follow the diet through without her help. It has certainly benefitted me and I am so pleased I found Mairi. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to follow the low FODMAP diet to help their symptoms. If you can discover which foods you are reacting to and what are the safe quantities for you, it will give you a better quality of life, and with Mairi’s expertise and support you should be successful!”

Barbara Thomas (IBS) July 2020



“Achieving my goal in 3 months was pretty good!”

“I had been through a very emotional time that had exhausted me and left me with little capacity to make good decisions and so I had gained around 10kgs of additional weight. I was also completely lost in a plethora of ‘healthy eating advice’ which seems to change weekly or even daily. I selected Mairi as she was local but not so close that there would be a conflict of personal/professional crossover although this would no longer concern me. After the 15 min telephone consultant with Mairi I felt we could work well together and I would be supported. I was in control and could choose what I needed and suited me. Face to face, simple easy advice. Challenging me to identify and change weaknesses to achieve my goal. Strangely I enjoyed my food more after my consultations. Achieving my goal in 3 months was pretty good!

The service has benefitted my life in numerous ways – I have far more energy and I cope with day-to-day challenges better. My body is fit and strong and people notice this. I’ve also reduced my shopping bill, and been able to put more thought into the food I buy (so reduce waste, buying more seasonally and with less plastic). This is measurable by my kitchen bin not getting full week to week. Best decision I made and it is not expensive but you do have to be prepared and commit. Give yourself time to think and change your behaviours. It is an investment in your future and health”.

JB (Weight Management) January 2020


“I would recommend Mairi to anyone with a dietary issue because she’s so knowledgable and caring.”

“I went to see Mairi with a serious stomach ailment, which I was finding hard to cope with. The illness was making me feel anxious and I was at a real low ebb when I had my appointment with Mairi. I chose her because she’s so accessible, with excellent feedback on her website and facebook page. I found her to be a brilliant listener, and she gave me some very helpful written guidance, as well as clear verbal guidance on the day. Although my illness is unlikely to go away, Mairi’s excellent advice about my diet and nutrition is helping me cope it much more effectively. I would recommend Mairi to anyone with a dietary issue because she’s so knowledgeable and caring. It’s obvious that she takes her job extremely seriously and loves helping her patients to get well”.

Kate (Medical Reasons) February 2018


“Mairi gave me the tools to manage my weight”

I had been struggling to find a sustainable way to manage my weight for years and was getting tired of the constant battle with myself. I was happy to make changes but wanted a set of rules to follow that would produce long-term results. A friend and colleague had recently lost weight and I asked her how she was doing it – she recommended Mairi and explained that her weight loss was due to a calorie controlled approach that combined set numbers of measured portions of the different food groups (protein, carbohydrates, fruit & veg etc.). Portion control is something I had always struggled with, so this appealed to me. Mairi was lovely and worked with me to understand my motivations for managing my weight as well as the obstacles I have to achieve weight loss – suggesting ways I could try to overcome those obstacles. She was never critical, even when I wasn’t doing very well and encouraged me to adopt a ‘lifetime change in eating habits’ so that the occasional slip could be overcome by just restarting. Mairi has given me the tools to manage my weight by setting a failing calorie limit )including a bit extra for the odd treat) and helping me understand what a ‘portion’ is. I would happily recommend the service to anyone who is looking for a proven and supportive approach that will enable you to achieve weight loss and improve your health”.

Claire Penny (Weight Loss) July 2017